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Executives still believe leadership skills contribute most to their companies business performance—and it a high strategic priority. Yet findings suggest that for organizations to perform at their best, now requires focus on a different set of capabilities and different group of employees to develop. Few organizations have a robust approach to assess their current capabilities and skills gaps. It is an untapped potential in assessment and program design… with only 18% of organizations using structured, objective third party diagnostics to do so. The most effective companies stand out from the rest, with human resources and business owners co-owning learning.


from McKinsey's “Building Capabilities for Performance” survey



Leader Strategy, Architecture, & Development Programs

Leader Strategy, Architecture, &
Development Programs

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Leader Strategy & Architecture


An integrated strategic leader architecture and development program adds value to the


One of our clients faced the challenge of their organization moving from a de-centralized
to a centralized leadership center of excellence. The new center was created to drive
efficiencies, reduce costs, enhance ROI, and enable strategic business imperatives.


The key activities and results from that project included:


  1. Building internal HR/LD staff capabilities while engaging them in the process of
    building a strategic roadmap of leader development programs, practices and initiatives.

  2. Creating a leader brand for the organization including company values and leader

  3. Defining common leader career paths.

  4. Identifying key development activities across the leader pipeline required to prepare
    leaders to achieve strategic business objectives.

  5. Creating a 3-year staged implementation plan including costs/resource requirements.
    (Business Impact = Reduced the number of programs and re-allocated funding). 


We have extensive experience co-creating a company’s leader strategy and architecture to create the next generation of leaders—and learning and development programs.


Our Leader Strategy & Architecture Process has 4 phases (see below) which can be customized to your meet your organization’s requirements:

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Leadership Trends/Best Practices

As talent becomes the primary source of competitive advantage, companies must excel at attracting, developing and retaining the talent they need. And the good news is… corporate universities are emerging as a major vehicle to confront shrinking talent pools.


from Corporate Universities: An Engine for Human Capital, BCG

We completed a Leadership Trends and Best Practices Study (in partnership with Lighthouse Nine) for a international bank in the process of reinventing its Institute for Learning. The CLO was tasked with retooling its business/technical training process and leadership development programs. The goal was to boost its effectiveness and develop the new capabilities required amidst a changing business environment.


Over 25 leadership benchmarking and trends articles were reviewed as a part of the study.

The findings summarized:


New Practices In Creating Learning Design
(e.g. trends in learning, blended learning, and experiential to accelerate learning)


New Wave Technologies Emerging in Virtual Learning (e.g. build/deliver virtual content; ROI)


New Post Program Support to Apply Learning on the Job
(e.g. best practices to transfer learning to the job; accelerate productivity and learning by experience on the job)


New Practices that Enhance Productivity in Learning Advisor Role (e.g. to be valued partners with the business)


New Directions for Corporate Universities (e.g. best practices for next generation)

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Leader Development Programs & Experiences

In an age of disruption, organizations face challenges in a dramatically changing digital, economic, demographic, and social landscape that's more digital, more global, diverse, automation-savvy, and social media- proficient. At the same time, business expectations, needs, and demands are evolving faster than ever before. This is also an opportunity to reimagine HR, talent, and organizational practices, to create platforms, processes, and tools that will continue to evolve and sustain their value over time, to take the lead in what will likely be among the most significant changes to the workforce that we have seen. 


from 2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends

We partner with our clients to design, deliver, and measure executive and leadership development programs. Our approach is highly interactive and experiential, and is tightly linked to drive strategy execution.


Today’s market environment places a premium on speed, flexibility, and the ability to learn in uncertain circumstances.


BSLA has expertise in developing leader skills and capabilities in:

We will collaborate with you to add insight and value where it is most needed by internal Learning and Development resource teams.
Our typical projects involve 3 phases as outlined below.

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