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Strategy Alignment & 
Executive Team Effectiveness


High Performing executive teams can powerfully impact business performance. The risk to any organization with aggressive growth and financial goals is the productivity loss in executive teams. The reality is that, during rapid change, even high performing teams can lose their focus, energy and commitment.


Our Executive Team Alignment Process is a proven approach that rapidly instills new team behaviors and builds high performance in your leadership teams. 


Executive Team Alignment Process



Strategy Alignment & Executive
Team Development

Take our Executive Team Assessment


Can the Executive Team at your company agree with these ten statements?


  • Our executive team is fully aligned with the changes in business strategy and direction.

  • New and old executive team members are working together effectively to impact the new strategy.

  • The executives representing each business and functional area have a shared mindset on the new operating model and what is expected.

  • Executive team members understand what performance results are expected from them individually.

  • Executive team members, individually and collectively, have the energy and commitment to take on a new set of business challenges.

  • Executive team members trust each other enough to share their knowledge and expertise and learn from their mistakes.

  • Executive team members have a clear understanding of each other’s goals, roles, and responsibilities.

  • Our executive team has a process for integrating new members.

  • Our executive team is committed to working together and resolving their differences.

  • Our CEO knows how to coach the executive team.

High Performing executive teams don’t just happen—they are built through setting a clear strategic mandate and priorities, collaborating on mutual accountabilities, developing skills for candid crucial conversations, and building trust over time.


We design and facilitate executive meetings and development workshops that:


  • Establish clear direction and focus for the leadership team

  • Create alignment with new strategies and market challenges

  • Enhance trust and ability to work together to achieve business goals and execute strategy. 

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