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ARTICLE: On Mindfulness for Leaders

Updated: May 1, 2020 image

Mindfulness Can Improve Strategy, Too. This recent Harvard Business Review (May 2016) article discusses how mindfulness practices such as taking mindful moments, exploring alternative scenarios, and visualizing positive outcomes can help leaders and their organizations identify which ideas and aspirations are important and which assumptions limit their growth. These practices are useful not only for attaining enlightenment, but also for making sense of a changing world. Read more.

Practicing Mindfulness is the Key to Success (and survival) on Wall Street. This article and video feature Hedge Fund Billionaire Ray Dalio shedding light on using transcendental meditation to bring global attention to the stressful conditions that financiers work in and around. Additionally, scientific studies show that transcendental meditation not only reduces health risks, but improves brain power: "[Bankers] think more clearly, that they make better decisions, plan better and solve more problems and if you do that the chances of making money are far greater…you have a leg up and a competitive edge." Read/view here.

Goodness is Good for Business (The Guardian Sustainable Business): Looking beyond Wall Street, Google and other technology companies in Silicon Valley are becoming receptive to mindfulness because they believe in being at the vanguard of change and innovation. This "fitness for the mind" would serve to enlighten, open hearts, create world peace even in the business world. Google's head of mindfulness training, Jolly Good Fellow Chade-Meng Tan, believes that mindfulness is the new fitness. Read more here.

Want more? Learn 5 simple ways mindfulness can make your brain healthier at

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