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ARTICLE: The CEO’s Practical Guide to Energy

Updated: May 1, 2020 image

With the heat wave hitting the 90s here, managing energy is a hot topic. So let's talk about it—not hot summer sun energy, or what heats your buildings and powers your facilities and servers, but the complex and powerful force that shapes organizational performance. The way in which CEOs (and top leaders) create, convey and manage energy throughout an organization can mean the difference between delivering high performance and constantly missing targets.

In a recent BCG article, a study team interviewed over 50 CEOs of companies (start up, Fortune 500, non-profit) on how they perceive, generate and transmit energy to shape the overall energy levels of their organization. Managing energy was found to be one of the most critically important aspects of their jobs. The article provides a practical guide for leaders to create and amplify energy in four dimensions:

  • Energy is contagious

  • Energy is a force for value creation

  • Energy is a choreography

  • Energy needs a gauge

Energy is a two-way current that travels through the organization. Leaders can use energy to infuse others with purpose, impart meaning and encourage the pursuits of goals. Energy is a by-product of connectivity, preparation and intent, and enables leaders to receive feedback from inside and outside the organization. Learn more by reading the full article here (opens in a separate browser tab).

I’m heading to the Connecticut shore next month, and the blog will be on vacation too. See you in September!

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