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ARTICLE: High-performing teams: A timeless leadership topic

Updated: May 1, 2020

McKinsey Partners Scott Keller and Mary Meaney are onto ten timeless truths about how the leadership role becomes increasingly demanding as more work is conducted remotely, traditional company boundaries become more porous, freelancers more commonplace, and partnerships more necessary. While technology will solve a number of the resulting operational issues, technological capabilities soon become commoditized.

Amid the myriad sources of advice on how to build a top team, Keller and Meaney explain ideas around building the new high-performing team that have long proved their worth, including:

  • Team composition—size, skills, attitudes and more

  • Team dynamics—the character of your team

  • Practical ways to get started building your team

  • Mindsets and habits back in the office

There is no avoiding the time and energy required to build a high-performing team. Yet their research suggests that executives are five times more productive when working in a high-performing team than they are in an average one. CEOs and other senior executives will find the investment will be worth the effort. The business case for building a dream team is strong, and the techniques for building one proven. Read the full McKinsey article here.

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