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ARTICLE: Fixing it Before it Breaks: Six Steps for Preemptive Change

Updated: May 1, 2020


What does evidence say about the value of preemptive transformation when it comes to companies striving to align themselves to the accelerating evolution of technology and a rising risk of disruption?

Among companies in need of change, a recent Industry Week article by BCG shows that preemptive transformations drive 3% higher annual Total Shareholder Return (TSR) than those launched in reaction to declining performance, and the ROI of investments in preemptive transformation programs is 50% higher. Preemption appears to be the strongest measurable factor in predicting success.

Read the full article for 6 steps companies can use to transform before financial performance has started to decline, including continuously exploring new options, creating a sense of urgency, watching for early warning signals, creating transformation capabilities, controlling the narrative, and choosing the right approaches to change.

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