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ARTICLE: Emotional Intelligence, Leadership & COVID 19

According to a recent article on LinkedIn by Gerald T. Hannah, Ph.D., author of The Art of Control and President and CEO of Gerald Hannah Group, leading your organization when facing ongoing change and growing uncertainty requires high levels of emotional intelligence.

As a leader, you must recognize and take control of your emotions so that you lead effectively during these challenging times. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Slow Down & Be More Self-Aware: don't get caught up in the speed of change. Step back, listen, and think rather than trying to offer up an immediate solution, and try to recognize emotional response patterns. Speak with a trained coach to better understand those emotions and to explore ways to deal with them in the future.

  • Take Time For and Care Of Yourself: rather than putting in more work hours and neglecting rest and self-care, leading to difficulty managing emotions, set and keep a healthy routine and regular schedule.

  • Remember Your Community: being in charge can be incredibly isolating, so take time off with trusted friends, family, and peers outside your organization for support and counsel to help blow off steam, validate feelings, and point out options you have not considered.

  • Show Your Care: Remember to keep the people in your organization up-to-date on developments and remind them that they are valued.

Read the full article here.


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