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PODCAST: Grief, loss, burnout: Talking about complex feelings at work

McKinsey & Company Podcast

Leaders have always navigated emotional dynamics in the workplace—but not at the scale and intensity unleashed by the pandemic. Worldwide, 2020 has unspooled like no other year in recent memory. The COVID-19 outbreak and ensuing global pandemic are testing all of us. If you’re a people leader in your organization, you’re in the thick of an unprecedented challenge. Leaders have had to remain focused on moving forward amid protracted and destabilizing uncertainty. That means helping employees navigate complex emotions—grief, stress, loneliness—that most of us simply are not accustomed to at this scale in the workplace.

In this McKinsey Talks Talent podcast episode, Bryan Hancock and Bill Schaninger speak with McKinsey Publishing’s Lucia Rahilly about mapping this new emotional geography: what’s different, what they’re hearing from leaders across the globe, and how best to respond.

Read an edited transcript of the podcast on here.

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